Posting Property Listings

For property agents, property owners and developers, please follow these 3 steps to have your properties listed on

1. Register with by joining the property agent community. Please remember to enter a valid email address for account activation

2. Activate your account by clicking the link in the email received from

3. Log on to and click the Submit Property Listing link on the top to start posting.

On the Add Entry page, please enter all required information which are marked with "*".


Uploading multiple photos
To upload a photo for your property, simply click "Browse", select your photo, enter some description which is optional and click "upload". Repeat this to upload multiple photos until you reach the maximum of 10.

Please note that currently only .jpg, .png and .gif files are allowed and the size of each file should not exceed 500KB.

As the thumbnail of the first uploaded photo will be shown on the category listing page, you may want to choose the most attractive photo as the first to upload for your property.


Each property listing can be put under up to 5 categories to enjoy maximum exposure. Select an appropriate category from the left and click the ">>>" button to confirm. You can repeat this until 5 categories are selected. To remove a category from the confirmed list, simply select that category and click the "<<<" button.

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